Teak Forest in Indonesia

Teak forest in Indonesia

Teak forest in Indonesia , apart from Java and Muna, teak is also developed in Bali and Nusa Tenggara.

In recent years, there have been efforts to develop teak in South Sumatra and South Kalimantan. The results are less than encouraging. Teak dies after two or three years. The problem is, the soil in these two places is very acidic. Teak itself is a type that requires large amounts of calcium, as well as phosphorus. In addition, teak requires abundant sunlight.

Now, outside Java, we can find teak forest in limited places in Sulawesi Island, Muna Island, Bima area on Sumbawa Island, and Buru Island. Teak also develops in the Lampung area on the island of Sumatra.

In 1817, Raffles noted that teak forests were not found in the Malay Peninsula or Sumatra or adjacent islands. Teak only thrives in Java and a number of small islands to the east, namely Madura, Bali and Sumbawa. The hills in the northeastern part of Bima on Sumbawa were completely covered by teak at that time.

Heyne, in 1671, recorded the presence of teak in Sulawesi, although only at a few points in the eastern part. There are about 7,000 ha on Muna Island and 1,000 ha in the interior of Butung Island in Sampolawa Bay. Heyne suspects that real teak is also found on Kabaena Island, as well as in Rumbia and Poleang, in Southeast Sulawesi. Recent DNA analysis shows that teak in Southeast Sulawesi is a branch of the development of Javanese teak.

Teak grown in South Sulawesi was only planted in the 1960s and 1970s. At that time, much of the land in Billa, Soppeng, Bone, Sidrap, and Enrekang was being reforested. In Billa, the current growth of teak trees is not inferior to that in Java. The diameter of the trunk can exceed 30 cm. Teak forest in Indonesia

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