Teak Forest in Java Indonesia

Teak Forest Distribution Area in Java Indonesia
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As early as 1927, Teak Forest Distribution Area in Java Indonesia were recorded to be widely distributed in the North Limestone Mountains and Kendeng Mountains and Muria Mountains, from Jepara district to the eastern end of Probolinggo district. However, teak forests are most widely spread in the provinces of Central Java and East Java, which are up to an altitude of 650 meters above sea level. Only in the Besuki area does teak grow no more than 200 meters above sea level.

In these two provinces, teak forests are often formed naturally due to the monsoon climate which causes periodic forest fires. Teak forest which is quite extensive in Java is centralized and the largest is in the forest area of Blora Regency, Grobogan, Cepu and Bojonegoro Regencies. In fact, teak with the best quality and has been recognized by the international furniture world is produced from the Blora and Grobogan Regencies, Central Java. Both areas have their respective advantages.

Teak from the Blora area is favored by furniture craftsmen because straight teak fibers are especially for export quality flooring materials, while Teak from Grobogan Regency is favored by teak wood house craftsmen for joglo materials or residents’ houses because it is the strongest and has the highest density compared to teak from other areas and various crown fibers.

This can be proven by the many discoveries of ancient teak (pendem wood) that are thousands of years old from the forests around Grobogan, Blora to Cepu. Javanese teak, especially Central Java and East Java, is the most preferred by the international community, especially in 4 season countries in Europe and America because only the best quality teak can survive in 4 different seasons.

Currently, most of the teak forest land in Java is managed by Perhutani, a state-owned public company in the forestry sector. In 2003, Perhutani’s forest area covered almost a quarter of the island of Java. Perhutani’s teak forest area in Java reaches around 1.5 million hectares. This is almost equivalent to half the forest area of Perhutani or about 11% of the total area of the island of Java dwipa. Teak Forest in Java Indonesia

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