Tips for Sungkai Wooden Furniture and Interior

Tips for Sungkai Wooden Furniture and Interior.

Sungkai wood generally has proven to be of good quality, although it is not as good as teak or rosewood. However, sungkai wood is considered quite good and is also very liked by the workers, because sungkai wood can be easily worked or processed (shaped and cut) so that they do not experience difficulties when processing it.

In addition, another consideration is the price factor. When compared to the price of wood types such as teak or rosewood, the price of sungkai wood is relatively cheaper so it is more cost effective. And this makes the demand for sungkai wood always increasing from day to day. Making the wood included in the class of commercial wood species in Indonesia.
However, when compared to teak wood, sungkai still has several shortcomings, namely the level of wood hardness. Basically, it is a type of sungkai wood with a very high level of hardness so that the wood is very easy to crack and even break. In addition, another weakness of sungkai wood is that there is no level of durability and strength. This includes the level of wood durability that is not too good and not too strong. Even in the classification issued by the Ministry of Forestry, the durability of sungkai wood is classified as grade III, while its strength is classified as grade II to III. So, it is not recommended for use in places exposed to continuous high intensity sunlight and also using spaces that are in direct contact with the ground (eg used for garden furniture).

Herewith several tips for combining sungkai wood furniture to make the interior feel of your home even more perfect:

  1. Various furniture made from sungkai wood is most suitable to be combined with Japanese-style interior design (Scandinavian Japanese) because it can accentuate a simple impression.
  2. Small-sized furniture is also very appropriate for a house that is not too wide so it doesn’t interfere with your family’s space.
  3. The white interior will seem more perfect if it is equipped with sungkai wood furniture.
  4. The use of wooden furniture can also enhance the traditional feel at home. You can combine it with ethnic-style display ornaments.

If your budget for home furnishings is still limited, there’s nothing wrong with choosing sungkai wood as a solution. Furniture from wood is no less quality as long as you carefully make your choice. Tips for Sungkai Wooden Furniture and Interior

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