Tips for Caring for Furniture Made of Trembesi or Suar Wood

Tips for Caring for Furniture Made of Trembesi or Suar Wood

Tips for Caring for Furniture Made of Trembesi or Suar Wood. In choosing furniture for the house, wood is indeed one of the materials that is still the favorite choice of many people. However, caring for organic materials such as wood is of course not as easy as caring for plastic furniture. If not handled properly, then the risk of getting mold, cracking, and being eaten by termites can occur on your tamarind wood furniture. But don’t worry because we have 5 tips that you can try yourself at home.

Home furniture that is still a trend or the most popular is furniture made of tamarind wood. However, the maintenance of this furniture is not as easy as the maintenance of furniture with plastic or HPL materials. If we don’t handle it properly, some of the risks of furniture made of wood will experience the risk of cracking, or mildew. Therefore, we Trembesi Jepara provide some tips for furniture care to make it more durable, and can be done easily at home.

Furniture is placed in a place of normal and dry temperature
Hot or changing temperatures in the room can cause the wood to shrink or expand, causing cracks in the wood finish and rapid color fading. Therefore, it is better to put the furniture in a room with a normal temperature and not directly exposed to the sun’s heat. But also don’t put furniture in damp places, because it will make it easier for wood to be porous as a place for insects to live, and the development of fungus on furniture.

Move Furniture Correctly and Carefully
To move furniture, we are used to pulling or dragging the furniture. The dragging process can cause the trembesi table or chair to be scratched or scrape the wood due to sliding on the floor. For another effect, dragging furniture also weakens the joints in the wood so that the trembesi furniture is easily damaged or wobbly. To move it should be lifted so that the furniture will be more durable. In addition to lifting to move furniture, you can also use a base such as cloth to shift so as to reduce the risk of scratches on your furniture.

Clean the furniture immediately if there is water
Sometimes we often forget to put the glass on the furniture, or put the soup in the bowl to eat so that it leaves stains or wet spots on the table. If this is allowed then the water spots or marks will be colored like dew or dirty, therefore you should immediately clean the table that is flooded with water using a dry cloth so the table is dry again After drying, the table can be cleaned again using a cleaner to clean stains on furniture.

Clean Wooden Furniture Periodically
In order for the furniture to look good, it should be cleaned regularly at least once a week, by spraying the cleaner which is then wiped with a soft cloth. This serves to remove stains and also treat the color of trembesi furniture. For difficult parts can be cleaned using a brush or toothbrush. Sometimes cleaning the inaccessible areas makes it difficult for us, therefore we can use a toothbrush to clean the difficult parts. Tips for Caring for Furniture Made of Trembesi or Suar Wood

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