The Best Way for Wooden Furniture Treatment at Home

The Best Way for Wooden Furniture treatment at Home. Wooden furniture such as mahogany or teak and other are items that add uniqueness and aesthetics to your home. You may still have a wooden armchair from your grandfather that has become an antique in your home. However, you have to take good care of your furniture so that could lasts for generations.

1. Do not store in direct sunlight, wooden furniture has a certain amount of moisture in it. Storing it in direct sunlight will evaporate the moisture and may crack in some areas. In addition, the color can also fade. You also should not place a wooden chair too close to the fireplace if there is a fireplace in your house.

2. Do not be submerged in water. Simple solutions for caring wooden furniture should include this one. Soaking can damage the surface of your furniture. Instead, take warm water and dish soap to clean the furniture. Use a toothbrush for delicate areas. Take a soft damp cloth for the finishing touch.

3. Use coasters and mats. Do not serve drinks and food directly to your wooden table. Irritation marks are too stubborn to be removed. Always use coasters or designer mats before serving anything on a wooden dining table or guest table and so on.

4. Applying wood coating. This is one of the most important solutions for caring for wooden furniture in summer. Soft wood upholstery with superior quality can prevent your furniture from being damaged. Apply a light coat of wood directly and wait 30 minutes. Scrub with a soft brush. Do it again after 60 minutes or so to get that shine.

5. Frequent cleaning Dirt and dust make your furniture itchy. Therefore, you need to clean wooden furniture often. If you have upholstered furniture, vacuum weekly, remove hidden dust and change pillowcases regularly.

6. Do not leave it in the rain. Soaking in rain water is the reason why mold and mildew form on wood. Rotting is another matter. So, always keep your wooden furniture indoors when it rains.

7. Quick repair when you have taken good care of your furniture, some wood furniture may have hairline cracks or the color can be slightly damaged if hit. So, using colored shoe polish can hide those minor blemishes effectively. However, don’t forget to use the same color. The Best Way for Wooden Furniture treatment at Home

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