Best way to Choose Quality Teak Wood Furniture

Best way to Choose Quality Teak Wood Furniture. Nowadays, furniture made of teak wood is still famous in Indonesia because of its strong natural fibers. In terms of quality, teak has a better quality than mahogany. Even teak wood furniture is very sturdy and cannot be eaten by termites or mice.

But if you are going to buy furniture made of teak wood, then you should know how to choose the right furniture made of quality teak wood.

  1. The finish looks nice and smooth
    One way to find out quality teak furniture products is to see the final finishing that looks good. Where on the furniture there is an even coloring in all parts and all the wood pores are covered in finishing.

In addition, the finishing layer is quite thick and not too thin. When touched by hand, the surface of the furniture feels smoother and not bumpy. A good finish also lasts a long time and doesn’t fade quickly.

  1. Avoid teak furniture that has many holes on its surface
    How to choose quality teak furniture correctly is to avoid choosing furniture that has small holes on its surface. Because the holes in the teak wood have insect houses in them that are connected to each other and cause powder to form on the wood.

The result of the existence of holes in teak wood furniture is that the inside is porous even though the outside looks solid. For this reason, avoid buying teak wood furniture that has holes in its surface.

  1. Furniture has a sturdy and symmetrical construction.
    Considering the price of furniture made from teak wood is quite expensive, so when you intend to buy furniture made from teak, try to make the right choice.

Choose teak wood furniture that has a construction that looks very strong and has a symmetrical shape on its surface. The reason is that teak wood furniture that has a symmetrical shape contains a beauty value that is evenly distributed throughout the corners.

  1. Choose furniture made from old teak wood that is 20 to 30 years old
    Actually, the older the teak wood raw material used in furniture, the more sturdy the construction it has.

While the characteristics of old teak wood have a denser fiber arrangement, very heavy weight and reddish brown in color. You can also buy teak furniture from TPK (Wood Auction Place), since the age of the wood can be more than 20 to 30 years.

  1. Try to get genuine teak wood furniture
    In addition to choosing furniture made from old teak, you should also get furniture made in

Most teak wood furniture made from has a much higher value because the quality standards are already on an international scale.

Therefore, choose the needs of teak wood furniture by buying it directly from In addition you could apply the five best ways to choose teak wood furniture above. And after you buy it, don’t put the furniture in a damp place.

Best way to Choose Quality Teak Wood Furniture

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