Teak Wood (Tectona Grandis)

Teak Wood (Tectona Grandis)

Teak Wood (Tectona Grandis) Family Name: Verbenaceae . The characteristics of teak wood that most people know are due to its durability and resistance to weather changes compared to other types of wood. In addition, the character of the fiber and its color has its own characteristics. Therefore, the price of teak is more expensive.

Tree height can reach 50 meters by to 1.2 meters. The ideal age of teak trees to get the best quality is above 40 years. The growth speed of teak trees is relatively slow so that the density of the wood is better. To get 40 cm it takes a minimum of 50 years to grow.

Wood Color
Dark brown and gold on the heartwood. The sapwood is cream or even brownish white. In some types of teak there is a reddish color when it has just been split. After some time in the open air and especially in the sun, the color will turn light brown.

at an average MC level of 12%, the density of teak is in the range of 700 – 930 kg/m3.

Teak wood is classified as durable class I. It has a strong resistance to fungus, rot due to humid air or insect attack. Teak wood also has good resistance to weather and temperature changes.
With the special characteristics of teak wood, namely the oil content in teak wood, making teak strength is better than other types of wood.

Some manufacturers use slightly different drying methods on teak wood. If usually in the form of ordinary sheet boards enter the drying room, they do this by forming wood into half teak components into the drying room. A fraction of a millimeter is left for the sanding process after drying.
The time needed to dry teak wood is about 14-25 days with a maximum temperature of 80 degrees Celsius.

Machinery & Construction Process
The arrangement of small Teak wood fibers facilitates the machining process with smooth and even results. A smooth wood head can be produced during the cutting process against the grain.
Because of the advantages of teak wood from its fiber color and durability class, most furniture manufacturers or teak wood users do not apply finishing materials because the natural oil/wax layer is already a preservative.

Currently, consumers (especially in Europe & America) demand certification on all furniture products made of teak wood.
In Indonesia, teak wood can only be obtained/purchased from Perum Perhutani, as a government agency with full power for the care and supervision of the distribution of teak wood in Indonesia, especially in Java.

Teak Wood (Tectona Grandis)

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