Teak Wood is a First Class Wood

Teak wood is a first class wood because of its strength, durability and beauty. Technically, teak has a strength class II and a durability class I-II. This wood is very resistant to termite attack.

Teak wood is light brown, gray brown to dark red brown. The sapwood, on the outside, is white and yellowish-grey.

Teak wood is easy to cut and work and whuch is preferred for making furniture and carvings. Finely sanded wood has a smooth and greasy surface. The circular patterns of the years on the patio wood are clearly visible, resulting in a beautiful picture.

With the subtlety of the texture and the beauty of the color of the wood, teak is classified as a luxury wood.

Although relatively easy to process, teak is known to be very strong and durable, and not easily deformed by changes in weather. For this reason, teak wood is also used as a material for harbor docks, rail bearings, bridges, merchant ships, and warships. Carpenters in Europe in the 19th century are said to have asked for additional wages if they had to process teak. This is because teak is so hard that it can dull tools and consume their strength. The British marine manual even advises avoiding Chinese junks made of teak as they can damage the steel of British marines if they collide.

In the 17th century the people of South Sulawesi used teak roots as a producer of natural yellow and yellow brown dyes for their woven goods. In East Java, the people of Bawean Island brew teak leaves to produce natural red-brown dye. Lamongan people choose to brew the collision of young leaves. Meanwhile, the people of Madura Island mix the collision of teak leaves with tamarind. At that time, people with cholera were also advised to drink the bitter teak wood and leaves as an antidote.

Burmese teak is slightly stronger than Javanese teak. However, in Indonesia itself, Javanese teak is the prima donna. The texture of Javanese teak is smoother and the wood is stronger than teak from other parts of the country.

According to the characteristics of the wood, in Java people recognize several types of teak.

  1. Teak lengo or night teak, has a hard, heavy wood, feels smooth to the touch and seems to contain oil (Jw.: lengo, oil; Malam, wax). Dark in color, lots of blotches and stripes.
  2. Sungut. Black, dense and heavy (Jw.: sungu, horn).
  3. Werut teak, with hard wood and wavy fibers.
  4. Teak doreng is a very beautiful hard wood with bright black stripes colour.
  5. Teak flower
  6. Teak lime is whitish because it contains a lot of lime. Less strong and less durable.

Teak wood is a First Class Wood

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