Pine Wood Features

Pine Wood Features. The pine wood that is most often used as the basic material for making furniture is Merkusi and Radiata pine. Mercury has a tree height of 25-45 cm and a diameter of 1 meter. This wood drying takes 12-15 days to reach the MC level of 12%. The characteristics of the fiber are straight and even. You can find Merkusii wood in Indonesia, precisely on Mount Kerinci and Mount Talang, Sumatra Island.

Radiata has a wood diameter of 20-80 cm with a tree height of 15-30 meters. The drying time takes the same time as Merkusi wood. Stems and fibers are straight but many knots. This is because Radiata has many small branches on its trunk. This fast-growing wood is easy to work with due to its soft texture for woodcutters. Radiata can be found in Chile, New Zealand, Australia, the United States, and South Africa.

Bright Color
The light color of pine wood is dominated by creamy white. There is also a brownish yellow. This feature is what makes pine wood you can overwrite with other paint colors. This neutral, bright color also makes pine wood furniture suitable to be placed in any stylish room.

Easy to process and shape
Pine wood has a fine grain and is light in weight. These two things make it easy to process. Its texture which is not as dense as wood usually also makes it easy to shape. That way, wood craftsmen will not take a lot of time to process pine wood. They can also more quickly carry out the pine wood finishing process.

Stunning Resilience
Although light, pine wood is a strong and durable wood. These two things are supported by its rigid texture. This sturdy wood is also anti-shock. Anti-shock means the resistance to impact and can minimize damage that occurs due to hard contact. Therefore, pine wood is very suitable as a furniture material.

Although pine wood is strong, durable, sturdy, and lightweight, it also has its drawbacks. Pine wood is easy to mold. Therefore, after the pine wood is cut, it must be dried immediately. If this wood has been used as furniture, don’t put it in a damp room so it doesn’t get moldy. Pine Wood Features

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