Disadvantages of Pine Wood Furniture

Disadvantages of Pine Wood Furniture. Pine furniture has been around for some time. Traditionally, pine was used for Colonial, rustic and artisan style furniture. Over time it changed, with pine working for a variety of furniture styles, including contemporary pieces.

Pines are light in color, usually having a creamy white appearance, although certain colors can vary slightly. Some varieties produce a very white color. Others lean towards a yellowish look.

The light color makes the pine easy to paint to achieve almost any color you want, or you can simply apply a transparent coat to protect the wood while letting the natural light colors take center stage. Pine also has prominent pores with knots that are darker than the wood itself, which gives it a distinct look.

Disadvantages: There are also some drawbacks to consider if you want to use pine wood furniture, including:

The Model Is Less Flexible
Although pine can be used for various forms of furniture, most of the models made are more country style or with distressing techniques. If you prefer a modern style, pine is not the right choice.

Easy to Expand
Pine is a stiff type of wood, but it is not as strong and durable to use as oak. Pines can expand or bend and scratch easily. If you want to have furniture that is strong and resistant to scratches, pine wood is not the right choice.

Need Extra Care
Because it is easier to scratch, damage and acquire a patina color over time, pine furniture requires extra care. Disadvantages of Pine Wood Furniture

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