Mahogany is a Quality Wood Thats Getting Rare

Mahogany is a Quality Wood Thats Getting Rare

Mahogany is a Quality Wood Thats Getting Rare. Wood is one of the leading materials in the manufacture of furniture. It is said to be a superior material because wood is an easily available material, has good quality, and also has a beautiful natural impression. In addition, wooden furniture can also make the atmosphere of the room tend to be warmer because of its muted colors.

Several types of wood are often used as materials for furniture, including teak, mindi wood, sungkai wood, maple wood, and mahogany wood. Mahogany wood is one type of wood which is now the main choice for wood furniture craftsmen other than teak. Not without reason, mahogany wood is widely used because this type of wood is no less good and quality than teak.

In the world of the furniture industry, mahogany which has the Latin name Swietenia mahagoni is included in the type of luxury wood. Mahogany wood has a characteristic hard texture with small pores, this is why mahogany is very good when used as furniture or musical instruments.

Furniture craftsmen now prefer mahogany compared to teak because mahogany has good quality but at a cheaper price. In terms of color, mahogany is a very beautiful wood, it has a natural reddish color on the inside and a dark brown color with beautiful scales on the outside.

Not only is it useful as a material for making furniture, mahogany trees can also reduce air pollution, you know! Wow, this is very suitable to be planted in Jakarta, where the air conditions are currently deteriorating, hehe. Mahogany tree leaves function to absorb pollutants in the vicinity. Besides being useful for the environment, mahogany tree fruit also contains flavonoids and saponins which are useful for improving blood flow.

Another advantage of mahogany in terms of manufacturing is the smooth wood fiber, so it will produce beautiful motifs and textures when finished. Mahogany cross section is also very stable and has good shrinkage and deformation strength. The natural oil content in mahogany is also low, making it able to be finished with duco paint without leaving a yellowish stain like teak.

Many advantages do not make mahogany wood has no disadvantages at all. Some of the things that mahogany lacks include its susceptibility to pests. In addition, mahogany wood also has a spoiled nature, that is, before being processed into furniture, mahogany wood must be baked first.

Some furniture that uses mahogany as its material include wardrobes, cabinets, TV tables, side tables, and beds. Mahogany is a Quality Wood Thats Getting Rare

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