Advantages of Rattan Furniture

Advantages of Rattan Furniture. Public interest in rattan furniture has never subsided from time to time. That is why manufacturers of furniture with these basic materials are constantly innovating to produce new products that are attractive and functional. Maybe you often ask, What are the advantages and advantages of rattan compared to wood as a furniture material? Immediately, we see the following review.

Super Light Weight
The advantages of this one rattan clearly cannot be found in wooden furniture. Rattan has a super light weight compared to other materials. That is why rattan is suitable for furniture that is often moved around, such as a baby bed. Because baby cots made of rattan are very light so they are easy to move as needed. You also don’t need to buy more than one baby bed to be placed in several rooms in the house.

Very Strong Endurance
It’s no secret that rattan also has a strong durability. Despite its super light weight, rattan is able to withstand a fantastic amount of weight. This is what makes rattan often used as a basic material for sofas and beds. You don’t have to worry about furniture made of rattan that will be damaged quickly if it has been used for a long time.

The price is relatively cheap
Price is often a major consideration when choosing furniture. Because you definitely want to set aside a budget for other household needs. This is where the main advantage is, you should choose rattan furniture as a mainstay compared to wood because this type of furniture is usually priced at low prices. Although cheap, the quality is no fewer slicks than other furniture materials.

Flexible & Shaped Texture
Rattan is also superior because it has a flexible texture so it is easy to shape. This unique characteristic allows producers to be maximally creative with rattan. Unlike wood, which tends to be rigid, rattan is easier to create into furniture of various unique shapes.

Durable for Decades
Durability that reaches decades makes rattan even more special. Various furniture with this material, can indeed reach the age of decades. The previous generation who painstakingly took care of their favorite furniture can pass the vintage furniture on to their children and grandchildren. Moreover, rattan creations are always interesting and never out of date so that they can be used continuously.

Easy Maintenance Process
Those of you who like practicality may be a bit overwhelmed with wooden furniture that requires special care. However, this is not the case with rattan. The maintenance process is very easy. You only need to use a brush to clean the dust between them regularly. Don’t forget to keep the rattan away from direct sunlight, so your favorite furniture will always last.

Identical to Natural Impression
Bringing a natural feel to your private residence is not difficult. One way that you can do is to use furniture made of rattan wood. The natural color of rattan furniture is indeed a distinct advantage that is synonymous with a natural impression. So the rattan material is very suitable to be combined with a classic rustic or ethnic interior style. You only need to align the choice of furniture with the feel of the interior of the house to produce a harmonious impression.

Can be varied with various colors
Generally, wood is not suitable for painting with bright colors such as red, green, or blue. However, you can get a different feel when you choose rattan. Because rattan is suitable to be varied with various paint colors. Rattan texture can absorb paint perfectly so that the resulting color looks more beautiful. The advantages of this one make the modified rattan match the modern interior style.

Now, you have a choice of alternative furniture materials that can beautify your home without filling your pockets with holes. Once you know the advantages and disadvantages, spend more time hunting for quality rattan wood, so you can get the best model and quality of furniture.

Advantages of Rattan Furniture

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