Trembesi Wood for Outdoor Furniture

Getting to know Trembesi Wood for Outdoor Furniture

Getting to know Trembesi Wood for Outdoor Furniture. Trembesi wood has another name, namely suar wood in the Jeparan area, trembesi wood is known as meh wood. This wood is a type of wood of the Albazia genus. Trembesi wood trees are found in Sumatra, Java, Sulawesi and Maluku. Because the spread is quite fast, the stock is very large and easy to find. This very fast growth is influenced by its ease of growing in areas with various types of soil.

The growth of the trembesi tree is quite fast, an old tree can have a height of 30 to 40 meters while the diameter can reach 4.5 meters. Why is trembesi wood often compared to teak because it looks like teak at first glance. Then you have to be able to tell the difference because the quality of each wood is different, especially for outdoor furniture.

The nature of trembesi wood is different from teak wood. Trembesi wood does not contain resin that will kill termites. So that trembesi wood is more susceptible to termites than teak wood. Another weakness of Trembesi wood is that it is easy to crack when exposed to heat too often. This weakness makes Trembesi wood unusable for outdoor use.

Seeing this quality, you should change the type of wood for outdoor furniture other than tamarind wood. Maybe if you have a lot of money you can buy furniture made of trembesi wood. Although it cannot be used as outdoor furniture, Trembesi wood has the advantage that it has a fairly large diameter of wood.

Its large size makes it easy to make various kinds of large furniture. In addition, the large size does not make the furniture expensive. You can buy trembesi wood at a low price.

Furniture with trembesi wood is mostly produced in the Jepara area, where many Perhutani plants plant trembesi trees. So it is not surprising that many craftsmen use this wood.

Getting to know Trembesi Wood for Outdoor Furniture

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