Rattan Products

Rattan Products. Both natural rattan and synthetic rattan can be used as raw materials for rattan craft products. Various designs, innovations and developments are carried out to make handmade or manufactured products that are of interest to the public.

The following are some products made from rattan, including:

  1. Woven Furniture
    Various furniture products such as tables and chairs can be made with rattan as the basic material. The traditional impression is the main characteristic of furniture items made of rattan. Not only that, other household furniture products can also be made from woven rattan, such as bed frames, bookshelves or shoe racks.

Even though it has a traditional feel, many craftsmen have redesigned their work so that it looks minimalist and modern. Woven rattan from Indonesia has also become a favorite for foreign markets. Data in 2015 stated that the export value of Indonesian rattan furniture reached more than US$ 110 million of the total export value of US$ 361 million. This amount accounts for 30% of the total national furniture export value.

  1. Bags and Wallets
    Not only furniture, rattan can also be processed into craft products such as bags and wallets that women like. This rattan wicker aesthetic is very popular with the American people.

One of them is a synthetic rattan craft product labeled Chameo. This brand focuses on foreign markets, especially America by marketing rattan woven bags. Even because of its popularity in the international world, rattan handicraft products from this brand go up and down at the Japan Fashion Week, Hingkon Fashion Week, to Pret a Porter in Paris.

  1. Ethnic Shoes and Sandals
    Rattan that is processed into sandals and shoes will create an ethical and traditional impression. This impression also raises local Indonesian culture.
  1. Lampshade
    In addition to bamboo and wood which are commonly used as lampshades, it turns out that rattan crafts can also be chosen to be used as room lighting decorations. A natural impression will emerge from the rattan material. Spotlights that pass through the cracks of the rattan will give the impression of a shady, cool and natural room.
  1. Mat or Lampit
    Lesehan or sitting and relaxing on a mat is an Indonesian habit. Well, woven rattan made into mats or mats is an option that can be used.

Rattan mats or mats are able to withstand cold or heat well. If the air is cold, then we will feel warm on the rattan. Meanwhile, if the weather is hot, then we will feel cool on the rattan. In addition, rattan mats or attachments are also easier to clean than cloth.

  1. Placemats and Plates
    The flexible structure of rattan makes it easy to make various handicraft products, one of which is placemats and glasses. Rattan was chosen as the base because it is not slippery and easy to store. In addition, a natural impression will also appear on the dining table accompanying the various menus that we will eat.
  1. Rattan Woven Basket
    The most common product of rattan crafts is made into a multifunctional basket. We can find this basket as a place for parcels, newspaper holders, tissue holders, and bicycle baskets.
  1. Rattan Pillow
    Rattan pillows are a type of pillow inspired by traditional Japanese pillows that do not use foam or dacron. Rattan pillows are known as reflection pillows to prevent neck pain.

The flexible nature of rattan is able to support the neck and head area safely and comfortably. Usually this type of pillow is the choice for those who have vertigo and as a therapy tool to relieve it.

  1. Interior and Exterior Basic Materials

Apart from being accessories and knick-knacks, rattan can also be used as a building material. Generally, we find this in rural or inland areas. Even today, the concept of a modern house adds a lot of rattan ornaments as an interesting combination.

Rattan Products

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