Pine Trees

Pine Trees. Pine and spruce are trees in the same type, namely the type of coniferous evergreen. Coniferous evergreen is a type of tree that grows to form a cone and has green leaves all year round (does not change color with the seasons). But actually, pine and spruce are different, because they come from different genera and families. The difference between the types of coniferous evergreen trees is hard to imagine, if we don’t compare them directly.

Generally, the type of tree used as a Christmas tree in books and movies is a fir tree or a spruce tree. Both are trees from the Pinaceae family, but come from different genera, namely the Cedar genus (fir tree) and the Picea genus (spruce tree).

Fir and spruce trees have the characteristics of twigs and leaves that grow along the tree trunk. Twigs and leaves that grow on the lower stem are thicker and longer, then shorten and conical at the top of the tree. Meanwhile, spruce is a tree that comes from the Cupressus genus of the Cupressaceae family. Spruce has characteristic leaves that are segmented and look like short needles that grow separately. Spruce leaves form a kind of cylinder with rounded ends, in contrast to fir trees or spruce trees which have leaves that are broadly open and flattened.

In Indonesia, pine trees are also called tusam trees. This tree comes from the same family as fir trees and spruce trees, namely the Pinaceae family with the pine genus. Pine or tusam suitable to grow in the highlands. Tusam has the characteristics of cracked stems and leaves that are fused to form a collection of long needles. Pine leaves that grow are on the branches or twigs in the middle of the trunk. Pine Trees

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