Merbau Wood

Merbau wood is one type of popular and also widely found in the tropics . It is classified as good quality and also has beautiful grains.

This is what makes the wood as one of the commodities in demand. Then, what about the characteristics of Merbau wood? In the following, we will discuss the character and uniqueness of the wood compared to other types of wood.

Merbau wood is produced from Merbau trees with various sizes, depending on their age. This Merbau tree can grow up to 50 m. Merbau trunks grow tall and generally free of branches about 20 m. This of course makes furniture craftsmen use this wood as raw material.

Merbau wood has a terrace color that is different from the color of the sapwood. The colors displayed are indeed different, so we can know for sure which part includes sapwood or wooden terraces. For the wooden terrace, it usually has a variety of colors such as brownish gray, brownish yellow, even red brown or bright red brown. This is what makes the wood beautiful and different from other types of wood. The color of the sapwood in wood is usually pale yellow or light yellow.

Merbau wood has a rough texture, but when the wood is touched, the wood will feel slippery and smooth. In general, the fiber in wood is straight, but it is not uncommon to find that the grain of Merbau wood also varies. Sometimes it is also found that the direction of the wood grain is irregular and also combined. This is due to the different types of Merbau wood.

In addition, the level of durability of Merbau wood is class number 1 and 2. So it can be ascertained that when Merbau wood is used as a furniture or furniture product, this wood will be more durable and also resistant.

For those of you who are afraid of pests or wood-eating animals such as powder, termites, you don’t need to worry. One of the characteristics is not easy to be attacked by pests. This is of course beneficial for furniture craftsmen who use the wood as their main material.

In addition to strong durability, the wood also has a low rate of cracking with a small shrinkage rate. So if this wood is used as a frame material for doors or windows, of course this wood has a pretty good quality. However, this wood is difficult to process. However, many producers or craftsmen still use this material as their main material.

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