How to care Wooden Furniture to be durable and long lasting

How to care wooden furniture to be durable and long lasting. Today many people choose furniture from wood instead of using furniture made from other materials. Furniture made of wood, especially teak wood is durable. Wooden furniture also brings a cool natural atmosphere into the room. But all these advantages must also be balanced with how to care for wooden furniture correctly and appropriately.

  1. How to handle furniture made of wood must be careful. For example, if you want to move a wooden chair, you have to lift the wooden chair properly. Namely by lifting the seat, not moved by being shifted or lifted only on the back. By paying little attention to wooden furniture, surely your wooden furniture can last longer.
  2. Polishing teak wood. If you are someone who likes teak with its natural color, you can use teak oil liquid to polish your teak furniture or furniture. Polishing is needed regularly to keep teak furniture shiny, charming, and more antique.
  3. Diligently clean it every day. What treatments should you do every day? That is enough to sweep and wipe the surface of the wooden table, wooden furniture, wooden chairs, or other wooden furniture with a soft cloth or duster evenly. Pay attention to parts that are difficult to clean, for example the carvings.
  4. Use a pledge to clean the surface of furniture made of wood, both teak and other wood. You do this by spraying Pledga onto the surface of wooden furniture, be it furniture, tables, chairs, etc. Spray only as needed, don’t forget to spray also on the sidelines of the furniture. Pledge you can easily get at a furniture store. Ask for a pledge with good quality. Then you can clean the pledge using a ball cloth. Ball cloth can be purchased at a building or material store in your city.
  5. To maintain the beauty of the color of the wood and extend the protection life of the coating, you can use biopolish to polish the wood furniture. Diligently polishing the layers of wood furniture is important, especially if you place wooden furniture outside the room.

How to care wooden furniture to be durable and long lasting

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