Teak wood is the best main material in making furniture. Teak wood has many advantages over other types of wood. One of the advantages of teak is that it has straight stems, is strong against weather changes, is resistant to termites and is easy to cultivate. That is why teak is the first choice in making furniture.

Reviewing the history of teak wood, this wood is a native plant originating from Burma. From there it then spreads to various areas that have a monsoon climate. The reason is, this wood will only grow well in soils that have rainfall between 1500-2000 mm / year or at temperatures of 27 - 36 Celsius. So it is natural that this type of wood cannot grow well in European regions which tend to have cold temperatures. Teak growth is mostly found in countries such as India, Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia and Thailand, and Indonesia.

Teak that grows in Indonesia can be said to be the best type of teak in the world. In Indonesia itself, teak wood thrives on the island of Java. Even then in certain areas. The types of teak that are considered the best quality are those grown in areas such as Central Java. Why is the teak grown in this area of better quality, because it grows in limestone soils where the acidity of the soil tends to be low.

Teak wood excellence Since long time ago, this type of wood has indeed been used as materials for making buildings because of its durability. So it is not strange if this wood was used to make ships, bridges, rail bearings, and warships. Based on these facts, teak wood is also the main material for making various furniture today.

Even this wood is considered a first class wood both in terms of beauty and durability. As mentioned earlier, teak wood tends to have a distinctive color. Among the colors of teak are light brown, grayish to dark red brown. In addition, the surface of the teak can be very smooth. What's more, this wood has a kind of natural oil so termites don't like it. Even without varnishing, teak wood looks shiny

After the drying process is complete, the wood can then be processed into a piece of furniture. Some of the furniture that is mostly made of teak includes tables, cabinets, beds, and so on. With this solid type of teak wood, these items will certainly have a better artistic value and of course will also last longer.

So, if you are interested in having items for your home made of teak wood, you can contact us. We are craftsmen who prioritize using teak in making various furniture. You can order a variety of custom furniture made of solid teak wood.

We use the best wood from Indonesia, mostly we use Teak, Mahogany, Sungkai, Suar, Mindi Wood, which is processed in such a way by our experienced and skilled craftsmen to make your wooden products as you expect.

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